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PCMA’s membership will provide opportunities to its members to enhance their economic health through:

  1.   Timely intimation of relevant legal, environmental and regulatory information.
  2.   Access to various information booklets covering wide range of topics including company registration, licensing procedures, environmental and health obligations, conformance to local and international standards, pre-requisites for exports, etc.
  3.   Access to suppliers & importers of various raw materials and synergize efforts to keep consistent year round supplies.
  4.   Access to a qualified pool of industry experts, key allied industries and services that are vital to the success of any business operation.
  5.   Access to pre-feasibility studies, sector reports, market surveys and technology documents.
  6.   Need based trainings and workshops to improve skill level of existing workforce.
  7.   Access to a portal of key training institutes relevant to the chemical industry and possibly in future a database of skilled workers in respective categories.
  8.   An access to common industrial benchmarks like cost of steam per ton, power factor, cost of piping per ft, etc.