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MoU signing ceremony took place on Aug 1, 2018, at

1. Collaboration in conducting research studies and R&D Projects, focusing on chemical sector, in multiple areas of different industrial sectors.
2. Exchange of information, scholastic material, developing material and undertake research studies, publications and seminars. NUST, depending on its capacity, will assist in writing position papers, articles, providing feedback through PCMA to regulatory regime of GoP;
3. NUST will provide, demand driven, consultancy services in multiple areas relevant to the disciplines that are offered at NUST.
4. PCMA will provide internship slots to NUST students every year. NUST will place its demand with PCMA well in advance (at least 2 to 3 months before the session);
5. PCMA will provide projects for NUST Final Year Students every year. NUST will place its request with PCMA well in advance (at least 2 to 3 months before the session);
6. Collaboration in organizing and conducting national and international conferences, seminars, workshops or interactive sessions.
7. Before setting objectives and entering into feasibility and / or planning phase for specific assignments, tasks, study, survey, feedback, opinion seeking and other works related to research, development and publications, the Parties will sign a separate 'understanding' for "Joint Project which shall cover all aspects specific to the "Joint Project”.
8. For effective and meaningful coordination, the parties will hold a meeting on quarterly basis (alternatingly, one at NUST Islamabad and one at PCMA office Lahore) to review the progress and discuss the plan of activities.