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Pakistan Chemical Manufacturers Association

Vacancy Announcement

Job Description and Specification 


1.1   Job Title:

Secretary General/CEO

1.2   Organizational Relationship

i. Reports to:

Office Bearers

ii. Directly & Indirectly Supervises:

All office staff of the Association

1.3 Job Purposes:

Manage all operations of the Association seamlessly and in a manner to achieve all “AIMS AND OBJECTS” of the Association as defined in its “Memorandum of Association”.

1.4 Main Responsibilities:

  1. Issue notices and agendas for the meetings of the Executive Committee and General Body.
  2. Record and keep accurate minutes of meetings of the Executive Committee & General Body.  Ensure their timely circulation to all concerned and consistent follow-up as needed to achieve the real purpose.
  3. Carry out the decisions of the Executive Committee and General Body.
  4. Keep the office record properly and make correspondence on behalf of the Association.Prepare Budget proposals for federal budget of GOP with consultation of Budget committee and member industries and share it with relevant governmental authorities.
  5. Supervise day-to-day operations of the Association and ensure policy compliance.
  6. Prepare annual reports and accounts of the Association and ensure timely & successful audit.Prepare annual budget of PCMA secretariat and get its approval from EC.
  7. Incur expenses in line with directives of the Executive Committee.
  8. Assist Executive Committee for forming sub-committee for any specified need. Liaison with sub-committee(s), plan their meetings, prepare meeting minutes and present their reports to the Executive Committee.
  9. Develop and keep continuous liaison with governmental, non-governmental and other stake holders for maintaining excellent working relationship in the best interest of Association and chemical industry in Pakistan.
  10. Arrange and conduct events (conferences/seminars/symposiums/workshops etc.) on behalf of the Association to achieve desired outcomes.
  11. Manage periodic publication of reports, journals etc. on behalf of the Association.Represent Association at various forums (govt./non-govt./private).
  12. Take initiatives to increase number of PCMA members.
  13. Develop income generation strategies to maintain and enhance the level of funding from existing sources and develop new income streams.
  14. Safeguard all physical and intellectual properties of the Association.
  15. Keep contact with and coordinate among zonal offices and registered office of the Association.
  16. Conduct PCMA election as per DGTO rules.
  17. Prepare and execute annual plan.
  18. Any other task assigned by Office Bearers.                                                   

1.5 Powers of the Secretary General:

  1. Sign all documents, bills and letters either singly or jointly with any other office bearer as may be decided by the Executive Committee.
  2. Incur urgent and necessary expenses to the extent of Rs. 25,000/-  (rupees twenty thousand only) per month for office use, with the prior/post approval of Executive Committee and will submit the receipts
  3. Interview and select candidate against open position as per the Recruitment Policy specified in Association’s HR Policies Manual. With the involvement of HR Committee
  4. Approval of different reimbursement bills (e.g. fuel, travel, medical etc.) as per the procedure and limits and approved budget specified in Association’s HR Policies Manual.
  5. Take disciplinary action as per HR Policy

1.6 Work Relationship
i. Within the Association:

  1. All staff of the Association
  2. Member organizations
  3. Executive Committee members
  4. Sub-committees’ members

ii. Outside the Association:

  1. Relevant ministries
  2. Chambers of Commerce and Industries
  3. All relevant government bodies including DGTO
  4. Service providers/vendors
  5. Consultants and trainers
  6. Private Advocacy Forums
  7. Media 

2. Job Specification


Master’s degree preferably in Business Administration, Public Administration, Finance or Economics.

Preferable Certification:

Certified from Institute of Chartered Secretaries.


Minimum 10 years of working experience in bureaucracy, corporate management, or trade organizations.


  1. Agile and proactive
  2. Excellent verbal and written communication in English and Urdu
  3. Strong interpersonal skills
  4. Top notch strategic thinking
  5. Excellent leadership skills
  6. Strategic influencing skills
  7. Basic understanding of Pakistani law and compliance
  8. Policy making and Advocacy
  9. Position paper
  10. Extrovert

Age Limit:
35 to 60 years

Interested candidates, with relevant experience, should share their complete profiles at [email protected] & [email protected] latest by June 20th, 2022. For more details visit: