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Pakistan Chemical Council

Pakistan Chemical Manufacturers Association (PCMA) is a valued, trusted apex body of Pakistan Chemical industry endeavoring to achieve competitiveness through imports substitution of hitherto USD 10 billion plus imports of chemicals & implementing best practices. PCMA is duly registered (by SECP)and licensed (by DGTO) body. Chemical Industry alone having enormous potential of growth can be a game changer and capable of turning-around Pakistani economy by creating Export surplus.

PCMA has already recommended & pursuing actively few key projects including establishment of Naphtha Cracker Complex in Pakistan. In order to lobby & follow up effectively PCMA is recommending creation of Pakistan Chemical Council. A similar Council was created in India in 1936 and it proved instrumental in creating a solid base of chemical industry in India. Chemical Industry of India is one of the biggest industries generating surplus capital for ploughing back in Indian economy. China is another example where State put in place huge infrastructure & invested in key chemical industries e.g., Crackers and other chemical related industries and China today is the leading Chemical industry of the world

Following functions are envisaged to be performed by the Pakistan Chemical Council

  • The PCC will have two key segments
    • Chemical Division
    • Petro-chemical Division
  • PCMA will nominate Directors of the Board out of Donors/ investor members of its Executive Committee. PCC will have 10 Directors, 7 from the Chemical Industry & 3 would be from Federal Government relevant Ministries. PCMAs’ Directors will contribute equity with Government in implementing ambitious projects e.g., Naphtha Cracker Complex, Pakistan Chemical Vision, Annual Chemical Fora etc.
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Division: A cross-cutting unit
  • Services : This is going to be the main unit delivering following services
    • Assist regulatory regime of GoP in creating Chemical regulations etc
    • Training
    • Technology upgradation & innovation
    • Industry upgradation thru research, innovation etc
    • Communication: News Letters & PCC’s Magazine
    • Implement best practices, ethics etc
    • Provide Expert Consulting Services: data, reports, corporate agreements & legal services to safeguard legitimate rights & interests of members etc
    • Issuance of Certificate of Origin & extra copies
    • Issuance of Visa Recommendation Letter
    • Attestations of Documents
    • Declarations
    • Correction
    • Issuance of KYC (Know Your Customer) to members & non members
  • Institutes: Key & relevant Institutes/ Universities with Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Departments will be affiliated with the Council
  • Act and promote Academia-Industry linkages for research, innovation & new investments
  • Act & promote Industry-Media linkages
  • Provide Feed-back to Policy & Planners: technical inputs on chemical industry e.g. in creating Chemical Policy, Regulations, Codes & Ethics on Chemical Manufacturing
  • Act as Regulatory Body for Responsible Care Initiative implementation
  • Assist Relevant Government authorities is Quality Certifications
  • Organize/ Issue Awards
  • Open offices & operate in all the provinces, regions gradually, starting with Lahore and Karachi
  • Get prepared PC1s, Feasibilities for ambitious projects & funding requests from government & donors
  • Act as Secretariat for Naphtha Cracker Complex
  • Act as Secretariat for CPEC projects related to Chemicals
  • Act as Secretariat for Special Economic Zones on Chemical etc
  • Proposed organogram of PCC is attached