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Chemicals are integral to the modern way of life in the 21st century where consumers buy thousands of chemical products every single day ranging from household detergents to automotive paints; from fertilizers to crop saving pesticides and from pain relieving medicines like Disprin to life saving drugs and vaccines. Pakistan is blessed with a diverse and vibrant chemical industry having the potential to become a regional/global player. PCMA is facilitating its members by providing latest information on the developments in chemical industry world-over besides introducing best practices through regularly organized events e.g. seminars, workshops, trainings, exposure visits etc. We are keeping regular liaison with government ministries, regulatory bodies, international agencies, fora etc. Our work with government focuses on imports substitution efforts. Discussion on establishing first ever naphtha cracker complex in Pakistan is also, that would be a potent source for producing raw-material and inputs used for chemical manufacturing domestically and thereby substituting the imports.




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  • Lahore, Wednesday, 28 March 2018
    PCMA has urged Ministry of Commerce to defer signing of FTA Phase 2 with China to ensure necessary protection to local industry.
  • The Election process of the Office Bearers and Member of Executive Committee of Pakistan Chemical Manufacturer Association for 2018-2019 has been completed. PCMA also held its AGM on 27th Sep’18 wherein official result of the elections were also The newly elected office bearers have taken over the charge of their respective offices from 1st October 2018.

    Chairman Mr. Taimur Dawood from (Descon Oxychem Ltd)
    Sr. Vice Chairman Mr. Faisal Akhter from (BASF Pakistan Pvt Ltd)
    Vice Chairman Mr. Moazzam Rasheed from (Bin Rasheed Colors & Chemicalsl)
  • Wednesday, January 24, 2018
    PCMA has expressed dissatisfaction over indifferent approach to Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) towards PCMA's proposal to withdraw Regulatory Duties on Essential Chemicals to be used for Value Added Products. The Association's office bearers urged the Member Customs Zahid Khokhar that the proposed relief, if given to the Local Chemical Industry, would increase Domestic Manufacturing of Value Added Products, and discourage imports of similar product lines.
  • - PCMA supports imposition of regulatory duty on luxurious goods and the
    goods manufactured locally which meet industry’s demand, subject other industry is not affected.
    - PCMA recommends to abolish RD on all those items which are not produced locally and are industrial raw materials.
    - PCMA proposes opening of new PCT Code for the cases in existing Tariff structure where both raw materials and finished products are classified in the same PCT Code.
    - PCMA strongly supports local industry and urge the Government not to extend concessions on goods manufactured locally under FTA.
    - PCMA proposes the government should take steps to control smuggling of Chemicals at the borders and Frontier core.
    - PCMA has serious reservations with regard to current performance of FBR for granting tax refunds (both cases pertaining to income tax and sales tax). All the backlog of refunds should be cleared within two months upon the filing of return.
    - PCMA strongly recommends the re-instatement of the facility of Group Relief to promote corporate culture in the countr and avoid payment of multiple taxes on one source of income i.e.dividend.
    - General sales tax rate should be reduced from 17% to 15%.
    - General sales tax on smuggling prone items should be reduced to 10%.
  • Signing ceremony took place at PCMA’s stand in Turkchem Exhibition in Istanbul Turkey on 8th of Nov.
    MoU was signed by Syed Iqbal A. Kidwai, Secretary General/CEO PCMA & Elif Özman PUSAT, Director (TCMA).

    Key objectives and focus area of this MoU are as under:
    (1) Promoting investment and Joint Ventures in chemical industries of Turkey & Pakistan.
    (2) Information sharing on Association level to promote business and economic activities in chemical industries of Turkey & Pakistan.
    (3) Research studies and R&D Projects on multiple areas of Chemical industrial sectors.
    (4) Provision of training, capacity building interventions, consultancy services in multiple domains, after identifying the need.
    (5) Joint research conference of international standing / repute and co-branded activities
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